The Minor Program of the Department of Economics

The minor program of the Department of Economics is available to all students of our university, who are registered to four-year departments/programs.

Applications to the minor program of the Department of Economics have to be made at the beginning of each semester, during the date specified in the academic calendar. Important dates, necessary documentation, and quotas of programs are announced at the website of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Students of the Department of Economics can apply to the minor programs of Departments of Business Administration, Public Finance, Political Science and Public Administration etc., or minor programs of any other departments in other faculties. For the necessary documentation, our students have to get in contact with the departments that they want to apply.

Matters That Applicants to Minor Programs Should Consider

  1. Applications can be made between the beginnings of 3rd and 6th semesters of the major program
  2. The student should satisfy the following until the semester which she applied to a minor program:
  3. The student must have passed all the classes she took from the major program, before the semester which she applied.
  4. The student must have a GPA of at least 2.75.
  5. The student must not be registered to another minor or double major program.
  6. Students who satisfy the requirements apply to the faculty which opens the program with an application stating that they want to start/continue to the minor program, and their transcripts, during the specified date interval.
  7. Once the applications are evaluated by the related department, acceptance of the students in accordance with the previously determined quota is finalized with the decision of the related administrative committee. Then, the decision is conveyed to the department that applicants are linked to, and to the Registrar’s Office, by the faculty which opens the minor program.
  8. The student gets disengaged from the minor program, if she fails to register to any class from the minor program without authorization, for two consecutive semesters.
  9. It is compulsory for a student to have at least 2.25 GPA on her major program, if she wants to continue to the minor program. The student gets disengaged from the minor program, if she does not satisfy this requirement.

You can access to the guideline of Hacettepe University, related with minor programs from this link. It would be beneficial for our potential minor program applicants to read this guideline before applying to the program.

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