About the Graduation Ceremony and Graduation Process for 2018-2019

The graduation ceremony of F.E.A.S. for 2019 will be held on 10 July 2019 at 18:00, Beytepe Open Theatre. Some information regarding the ceremony and the graduation process for students from the Department of Economics are listed below:

  • Students have to be readily available within the ceremonial ground at 17:30 on the day of the ceremony.
  • Wearing the ceremonial outfit is mandatory to participate in the ceremony. Students who do not have ceremonial outfits will not be allowed in the ceremonial ground. The list of students who will participate in the ceremony will be formed according to the students who have acquired their ceremonial outfits. If you have received your outfit somewhere other than the Department of Economics or the F.E.A.S. Deanery, please inform R.A. İpek TAŞTAN or R.A. Sencer KARADEMİR.
  • Students who want to receive ceremonial outfits can contact the F.E.A.S. Deanery.
  • Students who have received their ceremonial outfits from the Department of Economics by paying a deposit can return their outfits and receive their deposits after the ceremony. In case the outfits are missing or damage, a discount to the deposit will be applied. The outfits will not be received prior to the ceremony.
  • It is mandatory to attend the rehearsal before the ceremony. The day and time of the rehearsal will be announced later.
  • The Economics (Turkish) Program students who will graduate after the announcement of the grades for 20182019 Spring Semester can receive their diplomas from R.A. İpek TAŞTAN, while the Economics (English) Program students can receive their diplomas from R.A. Sencer KARADEMİR at the day of the ceremony before 15:30. Diplomas will not be handed over before the day of the ceremony. Students who want to receive their diplomas after the ceremony can contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • While receiving their diplomas, students need to hand over their student ID cards and their dismissal forms in full to the department.
  • Dismissal forms must carry the signatures from the library, Student Dormitories, and Beytepe Student Housing Center. Additionally, the students who have participated in Erasmus and/or Farabi programs have to get their dismissal forms signed by the EU Office.
  • Students must hand over their student ID cards in order to receive their diplomas. Students who have lost their ID cards must submit a press clipping stating that she has lost her ID card.
  • The dismissal form is only required to receive the diploma. Students who do not submit their dismissal forms still graduate from the department. However, they cannot receive their diplomas.
  • The dismissal form should not be filled before the 2018-2019 Spring Semester grades are announced. If the student fulfills all the requirements for graduation after the announcement of the grades, she can fill the form. The dismissal form should be submitted while receiving the diploma, it should not be submitted beforehand.

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